bad ideas

Over at BigAl’s Books and Pals, a fairly prominent book blog, Al posted a review of The Greek Seaman, an indie novel by a woman named Jacqueline Howett. Al enjoyed the story, but wound up giving the novel two stars, put off by its numerous typos, errors, and tangled sentences.

In response, Ms. Howett exploded like a grammatically-challenged Hindenburg.

I’m not gonna criticize her any further–there are already 300 comments doing just that, as well as some 50-odd one-star reviews added to her Amazon page following the viral, Twitter-fueled dust-up–but the ensuing dogpile reinforces one of the internet’s most basic axioms: no matter how big a dog you think you are, the internet is a pack of millions. Do you know what a million bites to the ankle can do? A million bites to the ankle could take down an AT-AT. Turn that force on a normal person, they will be reduced to a fine red dew.

Don’t give the pack a reason to start nipping. All you can do is go hide in your den until they go away.

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