All right! If you haven’t grabbed it already, THE SHATTERED PATH: The Cycle of Galand #9 is now live on audio (or through Audible, if you prefer) and ebook, with paperback coming in the next day or two.

This is the second-to-last book in the series—and the finale, #10, is already finished, recorded, and in post-production. It will be out on July 2. So if you’ve been waiting for the series to be completed before diving in—and with the way the fantasy world is these days, I don’t blame you—well, it’s done. And it, and its world, wound up bigger than I ever imagined.

A quick side note: #9 and 10 were originally supposed to be a single book before getting much too long for that (ha ha, can you imagine that, one of my books getting longer than I meant it to be?). Since their stories are more tightly connected than previous entries, I wanted to be sure to release them back-to-back like this, which is why it took longer between #8 and 9 than I normally try to take with these things.

I discuss the series’ origins and development over time in the afterword of #10, so I think I’ll save anything more along those lines for when the last book comes out (which again, is just six weeks from now). Well, except to say two things: number one, I have no plans for any further books in this world or with these characters, but I’m absolutely not ruling it out, either. The future will be a surprise to you and me both.

And second, I’ve had a plan for how the series would end since finishing #7, but it took a little longer to get there than I meant it to. If I can speak quite frankly, I would have preferred #8, 9 and 10 to have been two books instead of three. For reasons of narrative structure, that turned out to be impossible, and it simply required three books. Still, at times the story here hasn’t been advancing quite as fast as it would have in my ideal world.

With that being said—some stuff came together in #9 and 10 that tied together in ways that practically had me doing cartwheels when it popped into my head. I am very, very happy with how the two-part finale turned out, especially the final book of this series. I think the payoff will very much be worth the journey.

As always, thanks for reading or listening.

(P.S.: I wrote these two books for close to 18 months nonstop, including an insane deadline-beating final push at the end of 2023 and first few months of 2024, and I dropped off the face of the earth for a bit there. But it would be nice to check in with you all a little more often. After this series wraps up, I’ll try to update the site more regularly regarding what’s coming next, my progress, maybe occasional tidbits about writing or whatever. We will see. Anyway—go read!)

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