Normally I have everything all lined up to release a new book within a few days of finishing the manuscript. That means that—again, normally—this book would have been out sometime in April. Since nothing about this year is normal, however, THE BLACK BOOK: The Cycle of the Scour #2 is out today instead. You can pick it up here.

TBB-ebookIf you haven’t gotten into the series yet, you are a disgrace to your family and I—wait, that’s no good. What I mean to say is, I have most generously dropped it to just $0.99 for the next few days (US/UK).

As for the other formats of THE BLACK BOOK, the paperback should be live any time now, with the audiobook scheduled for November. Tim’s returning to narrate.

Fun piece of trivia: I did something with this book that I haven’t done in a good twelve years: wrote it in first person. I think it’s a better fit for Cally, who is something of an unusual thinker.

Next up is THE TWELVE PLAGUES: The Cycle of Galand #7. Normally I’d be starting on it from scratch right now, but again, things aren’t normal here, and I’m already 300 pages deep. I plan to have it out by year’s end, but you can see what reality thinks of plans right now.

In the meantime, enjoy this one! Or two, if you haven’t read #1 already, like the dirty dog  you are—err rather, like a person who must have just innocently missed its initial release. Yes. Yes, that’s it.

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13 Responses to New Release: THE BLACK BOOK (The Cycle of the Scour #2)

  • David says:

    So when will the audio book be out?

  • Mark R Simpson says:

    Big fan here! I have everything you have released that’s available on audiobook as of 9/15/2020.
    My Audible Library is massive! Bezos better be nice to me!
    Thank you for the hundreds of hours of incredible entertainment!
    I’m struggling a bit with Rebels narration but liking the story anyway. I’ve developed a coping skill. I’m replaying the parts that sound off to me in my mind’s voice. No offense to Ray, just not a fan of his style.
    I hope you can stick with Tim in the future. His narration compliments your work.

    Thanks Again! Cheers!

    • Ed Robertson says:

      I’ll tell you, there’s nothing us authors love more than a completionist. That means we’re doing things right.

      It’s a bit different for me as the writer—-I absolutely love Tim, but I think Ray did great work for my sci-fi as well. But I think it can be different for audiobook listeners who might fall in love with one voice of an author.

      That said, what do you think about Michael Kramer?

      • BobIsYourUncle says:

        I really enjoy Tim Gerard Reynolds. He is my “A” standard narrator. I find Kramer to be a little more of an acquired taste, but he is very good also. Kate Reading and Kramer are my favorite duo for audio book and Tim for solo affairs. I first discovered your books because TGR narrated them and he doesn’t take on many dud books. I have finished all of the cycle of arawn/cycle of galand books, they have been some of my favorite epic fantasy over the last few years. I really enjoyed that you weren’t afraid to peel back some of the mythology and cosmos in cycle of galand, a lot of authors aren’t willing to commit to revealing so much of their magic system/cosmos system, but ultimately, I think, for epic fantasy readers the slow revelation of how your universe works is part of the fun :)

        • Ed Robertson says:

          The funny thing is I originally intended the lore/metaphysics/theology to remain unknown. But as I started to expand the series, it became a lot more fun to flesh it out like that and try to explain the reality of their world. I think it’s more of a challenge to do that than to leave it all agnostic.

      • David Fry says:

        I would say Michael Kramer is a fantastic choice, I truly enjoy Tim, but after listening to all the WOT books, I sometimes hear Kramer’s voice when reading your books. I think he would be a great addition as one of your series narrators.

  • Adam Bryant says:

    I noticed you brought up Michael Kramer, and I just have to tell into the void. Narrators that use high rising terminal like MK are very difficult to listen to. Please stick to narrators that do not.

    I love TGR as the narrator for TCoA and TCoG.

    Anyway that’s all. I can always read the ebooks if your opinion differs!
    Keep it up, love your work. :)


    ‘Super-Duper excited for The Twelve Plagues. The Cycles of Arawn and Galand are among my top favorites. The Cycle of the Scour is a great read, too!
    Much reader love!

  • Logan M says:

    Another great read! My buddy introduced me to the Cycle of Arawn about a year ago and I’ve binged read/audio listened to all of the Cycles since. The first person view with the Scour#2 gave a really good feel for Cally. I’m forever a fan!

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