6/14 EDIT: For the moment, Midnight’s Tale is only $0.99–and was just accepted as a Kindle Single.

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The paradox of writing is that the more you do it, the less time you have for the activity that, in all likelihood, caused you to become a writer in the first place: reading. This morning, I cured some of my mounting guilt over writing more fiction than I read with George Berger’s Midnight’s Tale.

Midnight’s Tale is an epic novella of a young goat’s quest to understand love. Okay, maybe not “epic,” per se, but it is funny and winning with a strong style. Despite serving as my first foray into George’s work, I’m not at all surprised I liked it; I became aware of him through Kindleboards, where his posts are consistently funny, charmingly sarcastic, and self-deprecating. Eventually, I had to pick up one of his books. I’m glad I did. His style on the boards translates very well to his fiction.

As you might have guessed, Midnight’s Tale is literary fiction. “Literary fiction” is a dirty word in some circles, and as an author primarily concerned with vengeful robots, ambitious sorcerers, and Ancient Egyptian asteroid-catapults, I feel like I should say something like “Yeah, but it’s not like that other stuff.” I’ll just say this: think of all the irrelevant cliches out there about your genre of choice. Well, literary fiction’s got the same baseless prejudice thrown its way, too.

This is getting off topic, which is that Midnight’s Tale is warm and funny and I liked it. It’s a fast read, but well worth the money. Go give it a look.

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(This will be the first in what I hope will become regular series dedicated to indie authors I’ve stumbled over and liked. Meanwhile, more numbers tomorrow!)

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