I am excited, stoked, and chuffed to announce that Dante and Blays are back in the saddle! THE WOUND OF THE WORLD: The Cycle of Galand #3 is now live. You can find it on Amazon and Amazon UK.

TWOTWIf you’re not a Kindle user, the Kindle app should work on most devices. If you can’t or won’t use Amazon, please email me at edwrobertson AT gmail and we’ll work something out. If you’re a paperback reader, I hope to have that version out within a week or two.

By the way, I get the impression a lot of people think this series will be a trilogy. Well how does it feel to be WRONG? Does it feel great? It should, because this series will actually be five or six books long. My intent is to start writing #4 by December (I have something else to wrap up first) and publish it by April 2017.

When will the audiobook for THE WOUND OF THE WORLD come out, you ask? Well, I’ve just sent the manuscript off to Podium, the audiobook publisher for this series. Tim Gerard Reynolds is slated to record it next month. After that, it’ll take some time for post-production, and a couple-three weeks to be submitted to and approved by Audible.

This is a long-winded way of saying it won’t be overnight. That said, it should be out early next year, perhaps even January. I know Podium will be eager to get rollin’ with it. Speaking of all these things! The Voice Arts Awards have nominated Tim and THE RED SEA for 2016 Best Narrator in a Fantasy novel. Winners will be announced November 13. *glares at VAAs* I’m sure the VAAs will make the correct decision.

Getting back to THE WOUND OF THE WORLD, I always feel a certain amount of trepidation publishing a new book—what if I’ve suddenly turned into a pumpkin and can’t be trusted to write a manual for a coffee machine, let alone a worthy sequel to my previous books??—but I am, at the moment, feeling pretty good about this one. It expands the world while leading to a story that I think will be pretty epic.

Enough blathering by me, either you’re going to buy it or you’re not. My recommendation: get it.

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24 Responses to The Wound of the World: The Cycle of Galand #3!

  • JC says:

    I am at a loss for words. How do you describe the devastation of having a conclusion that you have been dying for yanked out from under you, while simultaneously having elation for knowing the adventure is not over and will continue for 2-3* (*hopefully 10) more volumes?

    Can’t wait to pick this up.

    Any chance of book signings or a tour? Your fan’s what to meet and greet ya.

    • Ed Robertson says:

      There’s probably a German word for that feeling somewhere.

      • british girl from germany says:

        Nope. I asked around and looked it up. We, too, are at a complete loss of words. And while I’m here: thank you so much for this beautiful and humorous bromance. Haven’t had this much fun reading a book in a long time!

  • BlueJ says:

    Me and my husband are audiobook fans. Listening to books helps our long commute. We found your books because we love the narrator, Mr. Reynolds. We just wanted to hear him narrate more stories. Then we were so happy with your stories we are waiting not so patiently for the third book. I am elated there will be more. I love the characters and can’t wait to listen to all the things they get into. Thanks for writing these books and giving them to the world. Happy!!

  • Keith says:

    I’m really looking forward to #3 and think that the more books in this universe the better.

    I also am happy that you release new content so quickly!

  • Justin Hood says:

    I love listening to your series while I work. I just listened to the first cycle again for the third time. I’m really excited about diving into this book and re listening when it comes out! Thanks for a great series!! Also, I really think the cycles would make great movies. Try and get it done!

  • Ryan says:

    Great news! I’ve been checking Audible for this over and over for the past however many months. Just one suggestion: strike yourself on the head very hard to dislodge all other series from your head and continue to work with the amazing world you have made. The suspension of disbelief you create in the world of Arawn is better than almost every fantasy book I have recently listened to. You are very good at making things make sense within the context of that world, with just enough description to keep it believable while exciting the imagination. The events within the book are exciting and varied, the character development is satisfying, and the world is malleable to the point where you could write fifty or a hundred books within it and they would still be interesting. And I would buy every one.

    For instance, you could probably make a book about Yona, that Noran from the story in the third Cycle of Arawn book who used the black star to stop a drought. Or build out the story of Jack Hand or other stories within the Cycle that are mentioned in your novels. Or do a prequel focused on the time after the Third Scour, focusing on Callie. Anyway, I look forward to pretty much anything you write in the world of Arawn, and I congratulate you on your excellent presentation of that world.

    • Ed Robertson says:

      Funny, I’ve thought about doing a Cally book at some point. I might branch out into some other stories once Galand is finished.

      Regarding the audiobook for TWotW, according to my publishers, Tim just started recording and they’re planning to put it out in March. Wish it could be faster, but Tim’s in high demand these days — to the point where I have to tailor my schedule on #4 to meet his!

      • John Myrick says:

        It’s a bit of a bummer to wait until March for this one, The ending of The Silver Thief had me craving more. But keeping with a consistent narrator is a bit more important, and Tim Gerard Reynolds is easily one of my narrators.

  • Michael says:

    This series if definitely my favorite yet. I agree that Tim’s version of it all completely brings it all to life, along with ( dawn of wonder, theft of swords, ice forged, etc…. ) I have reread the series 4 times, and on my 5th time around. I do ask if you have decided on a name for the 4th book for cycle of galand?

  • Ray florian says:

    Soo this may not be the best place to prose this question but I’ve been wondering… Is Dante a virgin??

  • Diego says:

    Congratulation Ed.

    I’ve been using the audible+kindle books to learn and improve my english as it’s not my native language and your books have been very helpful.
    I’m waiting anxiously for the narrated version of this book and 100 more in that world.
    The history is captivating and Dante actions are exactly what I expected for a (Necromancer/Blood magic user?).

    Keep the good work.

  • Laura says:

    Happy holidays to us, indeed. I’M EXCITED. I use Nook but I’ve gotten the last two as physical books, so that’s how I’ll likely go with this one.

    Are you going to be at any events or cons in 2017, by the way?

  • Joshua Adams says:

    Any word on the Audiobook version? I am constantly driving and very rarely have time to pick up a book to read, but Audiobooks have been the best invention for me. I know you discussed production times taking a few months and Tim’s schedule being a factor, but was wondering if you had an update? On a side note, you have written 1 of the best fantasy series I have “read”… ever!!! I love the witty banter between Dante and Blays.

    • Ed Robertson says:

      Everything’s moving along smoothly and it’s scheduled to come out in March. Publisher hasn’t given me a specific date yet, but I’ll be sure to post it when I know it!

      • Kito Brandt says:

        *Circles March on calendar for urgent priority* I’m so excited. I just finished the second book in the Cycle of Galand and it was amazing. I listen to it in my car through Audible and during some parts I have to remind myself to breathe. So excited Ed! 😀

  • Stu kettenring says:

    Oh my god I can’t wait for this to come out on audible. I listen to audio books on my horrendous commute and your books actually make me *look forward* to the drive. Now I have to decide between breaking up the series and listening to something else while I wait (barbaric!) or not listening to anything at all while I read the book in paperback. – probably the latter.

    Bravo sir, bravo.

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