Available hyah (that is a flawless New Orleans accent).

This just released here. We have three big theater chains here in our three-city town. Two of them divvy up new releases pretty evenly while the other one just plays everything. One of the local movie-splitters–the Carmike–has twelve screens, though, and either to fill them all up or because they’re just cool like that, they bring in a fair amount of indie movies and small releases you wouldn’t expect to get from a big chain in a mid-sized and (*adjusts snob hat*) generally uncultured market.

Thus I was a little disappointed when Bad Lieutenant didn’t release here last year–a drug-addicted maniac cop! Directed by possible maniac Werner Herzog! Even played by Nicolas Cage, that’s got to be good. When I saw it on the local Fandango listings last week, I knew I had to jump all over that. It paid off.

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