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With Arthur, I had the fairly rare experience of laughing a lot more than the rest of the audience. As a professional snootyman who gets paid to tell you what you like is stupid, I will, in most cases, spend significantly less time laughing during a comedy than my hooting, armpit-scratching fellow theater-goers. Either that or there are lots more not-me people in the crowd than people who are me, so, taken as a whole, it sounds like they’re laughing more, but that theory suffers from the fatal flaw that it’s not making fun of anyone.

Whatever. This time, I was laughing the hardest. Basically every line out of Russell Brand’s mouth is a joke of some kind. I’m not sure about Arthur‘s rewatchability factor, and pretty much the entire Brand-Greta Gerwig romance storyline was the movie’s weakest part, but I had a pretty great time.

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