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I have but a moment for this one, but Captain America is almost annoying in that we’re not supposed to have this many good-to-great superhero movies. Green Lantern sucked, sure, but we’re looking at a year that’s already had Thor and X-Men: First Class, which I was unexpectedly blown away by. Captain America is stocked with a bunch of middling talent (for the most part–Tommy Lee Jones is great, and Chris Evans continues to make me think he’s always better than I’m expecting), yet they really came together for a solidly entertaining couple of hours of a dude with a stars and stripes shield punching the fuck out of Nazi-demons.

I came in with low expectations, which always clouds things, but it’s possible I’m even underrating it a tad. Want superheroes, World War II, and stuff blowing to hell? Captain America is a good buy.

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