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Like I say in the review, I should have guessed Hall Pass was a Farrelly Brothers movie: a bit of genuine sentiment buried under loads of prop shit. Also I had the same gut reaction I normally do to their work: “Well, I kinda respect what they’re doing here, but I just can’t get behind the scene were he drinks the bucket of bull semen.”

Hall Pass did inspire me, however, to begin the Full-Frontal Male Nudity Watch. Cocks have popped up in a lot of comedies lately: Walk Hard, The Hangover, now Hall Pass, among others. Hall Pass features three wangs, including two in the same scene. Groundbreaking recent-comedy history made before your very eyes as you frown and chuckle uncomfortably.

I am very much looking forward to all the upcoming alien invasion movies. Just nine days until I get to see my new hometown blown to meaty cinders in Battle: Los Angeles!

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