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The Other Guys is like Adam McKay’s fourth good comedy. With this, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers, that makes him responsible for the bulk of the great non-Apatow comedies of the last 5-6 years. He’ll be commanding my respect until I, in proper fickle critic form, turn on him just as he becomes most commercially successful.

As for the movie itself, I appreciated all the subversion going on. Samuel L. Jackson and the Rock’s deaths were especially hilarious. There were plenty of jokes I didn’t laugh at, but it wasn’t because they were bad jokes; they just weren’t the kind I’m particularly struck by. An awful lot of it was funny as hell, and if you spend any time thinking about it you’ll see hell is pretty dang funny.

Overall, I’d put The Other Guys a notch below Anchorman and ahead of McKay’s other work. If you liked any or all of those, I’d check it out.

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