Finished what turned out to be titled “The Blackout.” Most of the narrative to this piece is of the psychological variety–things happen, but there isn’t a strong block-by-block plot structure–so I really have no idea how it’s going to strike editors.

Took me three weeks to finish this one, which is better than I used to do but still 50% slower than the plan. Damn it. Once I jumped in to the actual composition it only took two weeks to pull off, but there was a blank week there while I was thinking about the story and not doing any real writing (the kind where words are produced), which slowed me up.

Reflection’s Edge is back up and running and they’ve restored their April ’08 issue, meaning both my stories there are available for reading. In many ways this is a useless announcement, as I am the only one who reads this and I already have both those stories on my hard drive, but sometimes the internet takes people strange places. If you’ve somehow stumbled here, go take a look.

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