And now in fun news, the alternate history/shared world/steampunk/generally awesome anthology The Aether Age: Helios is now avalailable for Kindle, including my two stories “The Inspiration of Philocrates” and “The Arms of the World” (along with 17 other works). $2.99! A bargain by any measure that is a good measure. Snap up your copy before the internet runs out!

Seriously, I’m very happy to see The Aether Age get the ebook treatment. It was an extremely fun project to work on and despite the fact just about all of us authors had no idea what the others were up to, the stories resulted in some great contrasts and overlaps. Stories spanned hundreds of different years and several different cultures, providing a fairly complete (if elliptical) history of the Age.

The result is pretty damn cool: an anthology that’s both cohesive, yet literally all over the map. As a writer, I’ve already revisited the universe; that story appeared in Fantastique Unfettered #2. As a writer, I’m hoping we see the next anthology–the plan is to produce three in total–sooner rather than later.

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