This thread on not only covers incredible ground on how a fledgling writer should look at building his/her career, but it brought legions of valuable perspectives out of the woodwork, including SFF novelist studs John Scalzi and Tobias Buckell, and a wave of magazine editors, among them Fantasy‘s Cat Rambo and The Future Fire‘s Djibril Alayad.* Oh yeah: also a shitload of other writers, ranging from regular pros to the completely unpublished.

It’s not all chummy, but this kind of spontaneous widespread dialogue is why not all the internet needs to be heaped in a tire yard and burned. There are a lot of comments, but everyone one of them is worth reading.

*Incidental degrees of separation: me and Ms. Rambo have both appeared in M-Brane SF; Mr. Alayad printed one of my works in The Future Fire. I haven’t yet figured out a way to hitch my wagon to Misters Scalzi and Buckell.

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