So have I mentioned I’m currently participating in a $0.99 sale with a bunch of other authors? No! I didn’t! Because I’m a bad man whose life has gotten much busier than I’m used to. Anyway, here’s the deal: we’ve got 11 books, including fantasy, thriller, romance, and historical fiction, all priced at $0.99–including what will soon be the newest Kindle Single, George Berger’s Midnight’s Tale. There are some very popular books up right now–Mel Comley’s latest thriller, Monique Martin’s Out of Time (the series to which she’s just released the third book), and of course my someselling epic fantasy novel The White Tree–sequel coming out next month.

Technically speaking, this sale ends after today, but if you’re coming at this even later than I did, I’m sure several of the authors will keep their books discounted for another day or three. Give ’em a look. I said look!

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