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The Battle for Moscow, Idaho & Other Stories

When We Were Mutants & Other Stories

The Kemetian Husesen Craze

I just uploaded them to the Smashwords catalogue, so they should be available on iTunes, Sony, and everywhere else within the next few weeks. Smashwords offers sample downloads, if you’d like to check them out. A bunch of these stories are linked in my bibliography (it’s down the page) as well.

So I’ve had these collections on Amazon and B&N for some time now, too, but was procrastinating on Smashwords because I’ve hardly ever used Word (the only format they accept) and the table of contents looked complicated. It wasn’t. It’s basically just a dumbed-down HTML with clicking instead of coding, and the Smashwords Style Guide makes it all terribly easy. If you’re a small or self-publisher and you’re not using Smashwords, do it. Formatting takes a couple hours, tops, and once you have a template in place, you can knock it out in less than thirty minutes.

Now some numbers, because I like them:

All told, there are twenty short stories here. Mutants has eight pieces and is about 50,000 words long. Moscow and Kemetian both have six and are about 24,000 words. The average story is just under 5000 words, then, with the longest (“Steve Kendrick’s Disease”) at 8400 and the shortest (“The Magic Taco Wagon”) at 25. 12 of these stories have been previously published in various magazines and anthologies, meaning 8 were new. To you, anyway. I’ve seen some of these stories dozens of times.

As long as I was being all businessy, I updated The Zombies of Hobbiton to include links to my other stuff. Been giving that one away for free, so it seemed wise to provide clickables for readers gullible enough to want to read something else with my name (virtually) stamped on it.

Smashwords has nearly twice as many books online since when I posted my first with them at the end of March, so standing out is harder than ever. We’ll see if it makes any difference there and elsewhere to have several titles made available at the same time. I doubt it!

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