I am, as noted below, soon to be jobless. This is going to give me all kinds of opportunity to do things I haven’t had time for recently, like catch up on all that new porn the internet keeps grinding out. Among other neglected tasks I hope to get to, I started learning wing chun kung fu last year and after I’d dedicated myself to it for a while–long enough to get past the stage where I thought I could punch cars dead in their tracks, and actually noticed the changes and patterns of the learning process–I picked up all kinds of parallels to what you go through when you learn to write.

I may not be able to get to this seriously until next week; I’m still working out the last of tenure at the bookstore, and along with the nonstop movie reviews, my submission for Chris Fletcher’s Aether Age anthology, and my personally interesting but publicly tedious personal life, I don’t see myself having the chance to dive into it until then.

But I wanted to get this up, if only to force myself to finally write it. We’ll see how it goes next Tuesday.

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