Got a new story, “Death Among the Grasseaters,” up at Big Pulp (hopefully permanent link here).

Unless I’m mistaken, and unless you want to split hairs about the nature of my other work, which I’d object to except for the fact that means you’re familiar with my entire ouvre, this is my first published horror story–though, as usual, it’s got some sci-fi action. Mild spoilers: I thought of this when I was standing on my porch brainstorming and thought to myself, “What if we were invaded by alien deer? No, wait, that’s moronic. Or wait again…brilliant?

Or possibly in between. It’s a somewhat unusual take on this type of story, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that contributed to its acceptance at Big Pulp. That reinforced my notion that, when it comes to short stories, no matter how questionable the idea, you should just write it and see what happens. At worst, you waste a couple weeks on something that just doesn’t work. At best, you make a sale.

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