Hey everybody! Remember that novel I wrote called Breakers? The book that spent a chunk of the spring as one of the 20 bestselling sci-fi novels on Amazon, and one of the top #1000 books overall? The book that’s currently just $0.99 on Amazon, and an almost-as-reasonable $2.99 on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and everywhere else? Remember that book?
Well, I wrote a sequel.

Currently available on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble, Melt Down is the story of a handful of people who survive a global plague–and then must contend with the enemies who sent it. A post-apocalyptic thriller, Melt Down picks up at the same point as Breakers, then moves beyond into the world after the attack. A shattered world of brutality, slavery, and the struggle for control of what few resources humanity has left.
If you read and liked Breakers, I like to think Melt Down stands up to its predecessor. If you haven’t read Breakers, what are you waiting for, man? Go buy the hell out of it! If you like what I write on this blog, just think about what I must put into my books.
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