Now live unto the world: STARS & EMPIRE. Ten books of space opera and military SF. Ten of indie science fiction’s biggest authors. All for just $0.99.

And, if you’re one of my readers, the best part? My contribution to this set is a completely brand new book — REBEL, available exclusively within this set. Book zero of the REBEL STARS novels, it kicks off a new series — one set a thousand years in the future of the BREAKERS books.




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To my Breakers readers: Don’t worry, the series isn’t over yet. And there are no spoilers in REBEL (besides, I suppose, the one that humanity survived). It was tremendous fun to leap forward in the universe and into space opera, which might be my favorite genre of all.

I hope that comes through in the new book. Hope you enjoy!

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6 Responses to New Release: STARS & EMPIRE

  • Lynn says:

    Yay! I picked it up at B&N with some credit I had left from the publisher settlement, lol. :)

    SPP put out a post on Google+ saying you needed BN sales. I’m glad I saw it because I pretty much get all my books at Amazon now, even though that credit still sits in my BN account. 😮 I haven’t touched my beloved Nook in almost a year. Amazon just makes it so easy.

    • Ed Robertson says:

      Thanks so much for picking it up! We wound up hitting our goal on BN — just barely. The SPP crew’s posts were a big help.

      Yeah, Amazon is almost too good at this stuff, right? Which is awesome for readers. But as a book-sellin’ guy, I do hope the other stores are able to keep competing.

  • Lynn says:

    My so glad you made the target. That’s awesome! But yes, I’d love to see the competition hang around. I’m selling some books on BN, although nothing like Amazon. Still, I was a Nook owner long before I was a Kindle owner, and I was their customer to lose. And they lost me. Because of where I live, I pay sales tax at either store, so the deciding factor is customer service, and they just aren’t even playing on the same field.

  • steve lloyd says:

    Do you know when this will be available in England?

  • Larry Thomas says:

    Read Breakers 1-7 in two weeks! I can’t find Book 8. When do you plan to release it?
    Great stuff! THANKS!

    • Ed Robertson says:

      Great to hear you tore through the series! If you haven’t already found it, the last book, BLACKOUT, came out August 13th. It’s available wherever you picked up the other books. :)

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