Map of the Plagued Islands, setting for much of The Red Sea. Click for an even larger version.

Map of the Plagued Islands

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13 Responses to Map: The Red Sea (The Cycle of Galand, Book 1)

  • Scott Dyson says:

    How do you make the map? I like it!

  • Edward Hanson says:

    what will the third book be in the trilogy be called and be about, the one after the silver thief and what will that be about in detail… is there somewhere I can read more about them.

  • Amber says:

    I am SOOOOO interested in Nulla Dune – have you designed a game that is playable? Are you willing to??

  • Joshua J Reinke says:

    I second the idea of making a Nulla Dune game. The part in the Cycle of Arawn that covers the gameplay is as captivating as I imagine playing the game would be. It seems strange to me that listening or reading about someone playing a game that doesn’t exist could be as intense as being plunged into a world that is reshaped by people who can control the power of the essences that created this world. If the game covered was chess, it would feel like a filler chapter, but this game has been created through the evolution of culture of the Norin.

  • David Higginbotham says:

    You are right. Jarod Blando’s maps are excellent work. I too believe a work such as yours is made better with a sweet map. Some authors either don’t get this or lack the means to invest. Thanks so much for the hard work in keeping this series alive with The Cycle of Galand. The development of characters through interplay and continued appearances enriches the story. I find myself caring for and hoping for good in their lives. I hope for your continued success.
    David Higginbotham
    Lafayette, LA

  • Amanda says:

    Wondering if it’s ok if I use these maps to stick on a canvas print for my study? They’d be on the wall next to Oz, Narnia, the Seven Kingdoms, and Middle Earth. Not sure if they’re copyright so just wondering if it’s ok. Totally personal use.

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