Since last month, I’ve been trying out Amazon’s KDP Select program with my novels. Select is, to boil it down, a deal where you make your book exclusive to Amazon for 90 days in exchange for another sales route (borrows) and the ability to make your book free for 5 days. Being allowed to give your book away for nothing might not sound like much of a positive, but it can be kind of a big deal.

By and large, Select has been a very positive experience for me, one I should really blather about here. For now, check out Jim Kukral’s piece on Huffington Post about the pros and cons of the program. In it, he quotes several authors–including one stunningly handsome one–on their experiences with and feelings about Select. It’s a good snapshot of the ambivalent mood and level of success the indie community has for the program.

Oh, and since Jim started gathering his info for the piece, I’ve had another great Select run. Two days ago, I made Breakers free for one day. It was downloaded about 1600 times. Since going back to paid status, I’ve sold a bit over 300 copies.

So yeah, I’m a fan of Select.

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