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Given that it hasn’t been transferred to DVD, and it only has 548 votes on IMDb, I would have expected this movie to be several times worse than it was. Oh, there was plenty of bad, but there was a lot of fun stuff, too. Luis Guzman chiding Christopher Walken’s crew after they killed all his drug buddies for cash was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Paraphrasing, Guzman delivers the following sentiment with the attitude of a disappointed parent: “You guys just killed a lot of people for not very much money. Why, you think nobody cares about drug dealers? We’re scum who sell drugs to 8-year-olds? You see any 8-year-olds around here? C’mon, guys. You can do better.”

So could McBain, incidentally, but it was still worth the $3.50 it took to track down a VHS copy.

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