That’s how I choose to interpret their very favorable review of my story “Steve Kendrick’s Disease” in M-Brane #5, anyway. It’s a brief piece (reviewer Steve Fahnestalk covers all 8 jillion stories in the issue), but he had some extremely nice things to say, including one thing that really got me: “I should have guessed by the opening that it would be good.” “SKD” has what might be my favorite opening line I ever wrote–tonally, it encapsulates what I want to end up known for as an SFF author–and to see him point out that line is supremely cool.

Honestly though, it’s supremely cool to be reviewed anywhere, especially someplace as large and established as Tangent. Of the four stories I have available online, I’ve only googled down one other extremely brief (but also favorable) review. Feels pretty great to see somebody saying positive things about me out there.

Fahnestalk opens his review with an interesting preamble on prozines, semi-prozines, fanzines, etc. He couldn’t track down M-Brane‘s payment rates, but concluded that, based on the quality of the contents, it deserves to be called a prozine. Heh! Editor Christopher Fletcher’s going to be pumped when he reads that–it’s been his goal from a few months in.

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