“Every Song Is a Love Song” at OG’s Speculative Fiction.

I was pretty happy to sell to this place back during my spring hot streak. This issue’s just me and some dude who’s won the Writers of the Future contest; nice company. I like the publication and its editor, Seth Crossman–the first piece I tried him with, he gave me some smart, useful feedback that ended up significantly improving a hole in that story’s narrative. It still hasn’t sold, but if it does, I can basically just chalk that up to his credit.

The rusty lining to this silver cloud is I’ve got just one piece upcoming now (slated for January, hopefully–it’s a small market and it looks like it may be in a bit of trouble). I’m getting antsy to make some more sales. I’m keeping the work in circulation, so I expect I’ll be able to move a few of these to my “SOLD!!!” file sooner or later; in the meantime, it’s a bit tiresome.

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