So the other day I mentioned I’d sold a new story at AE. Apparently, it’s already online.

Fast turnaround! I’ve had stories take a year to go from sold to published before. This one took a few weeks. The internet: it is fast.

In a bit of trivia that may or may not be interesting to anyone, my original title was “Obsolution.” It’s appeared here as “Baby, Your Body’s My Bass,” a song title from within the story that is rather less pretentious than my own offering. Editors love changing headlines/titles! My newspaper editors change my suggested headlines at least half the time I send them in. And usually, they are pretty good at it. Editors bring fresh eyes, have a sharper nose for what the story’s really about/what will draw readers than the author. I don’t always agree with their changes (though I do like this one), but I’ve learned they’re almost always made for good reason.

I’m really proud of this story. Authors are rarely the best judge of their own work, but I really, really wanted this one to find a good home. Now it’s headlining at AE. I am happy.

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