My newpaper review of The Darkest Hour available here.

Oh man, this movie is bad. I said most of the really relevant stuff in the main review–The Darkest Hour is basically a SyFy Channel original that somehow made it to the big screen–but one thing I forgot to add/didn’t have room for is that a whole lot of the movie just feels like it’s missing. Basically every time a scene transitions to a new time, it’s like something critical has been glossed over or cut for time.

And it’s totally maddening. I don’t have a formal education in this stuff, but over the last few years (goodness, I’ve been doing this for nearly five years), I’ve learned I place a lot of importance on editing. And The Darkest Hour‘s sucks. We’re constantly seeing stuff we don’t need to see and skipping past what we do. Most of the scenes just fade artlessly to the next, draining what little momentum it manages to establish. With some bad movies, you have to give them some thought before concluding they’re bad. With The Darkest Hour, it’s obvious within minutes.

Incidentally, at the theater, I mistakenly asked for a ticked to “The Darkest Night.” If we’re really lucky, that will be the sequel to the upcoming Batman flick.

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