Now available for the “Oh my God how can I not buy this at this very instant” price of $0.99, The Battle for Moscow, Idaho & Other Stories.

It’s six stories about 24,000 words long (roughly 90 pages). Four of them were previously published. Four are 4000-6000 words, one’s a flash piece of 600 words, and the other’s a Twitter-length story of 140 characters.

I changed the look of When We Were Mutants a bit, too. I don’t expect to start selling crazy copies just because I’ve got a second collection up, but I’ll be interested to see if it makes any difference at all; there’s some evidence out there that it takes a critical mass of available work build a readership.

Probably, the way to do that isn’t with collections of short stories, which don’t even sell when Michael Chabon writes them. Hmm, but what’s this fantasy novel manuscript doing sitting on my desktop? Maybe with a little revision…

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