Since going free has been less effective lately (although…), I’m trying out some other strategies to see what happens. So right now, The White Tree is just $0.99 on Amazon (formerly $3.99). I plan to leave it there until Tuesday, 5/22, but I reserve the right to change that plan at any time. It’s my book! I do what I want!

Ahem. In brief, The White Tree is an epic fantasy novel about two young men dragged into a shadowy war and their attempts to hold onto their morality in the face of escalating chaos, violence, and lies. It’s about 150,000 words long–somewhere around 450-600 pages, depending on how you calculate things. I’m currently writing the last chapter of the sequel, The Great Rift, which will be somewhere around 180-200,000 words, depending on what I do with my revisions. In other words: big fat fantasy epics!

Anyway, buy it. Or don’t buy it. I’ll never know. But, you know. Right now, it’s kind of a bargain.

Here’s the cover:

The White Tree

Snazzy, right? Well what are you waiting for?!

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