An epic fantasy novel doesn’t feel quite right without a sweet map in the front of it. For your perusal, here’s a detailed map of Mallon, Gask, and several other realms visited in The Cycle of Arawn.

Click to expand an extraordinarily large version. A map for the first book in the Cycle of Galand, The Red Sea, can be seen here.


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26 Responses to Maps for the Cycle of Arawn!

  • MaryEllen says:

    Great map, Edward! Thanks for responding to my request. I assume the Norren Territories are spread around the countryside? Since they were nomads and the Gask took over, I guess the only cities would belong to them. Forgive me if I spelled ‘Norren’ wrong- I don’t have the print version. 😊😎

  • Morrive can’t be that far south can it? I mean Ellan and Narashtovik are nearly parallel as are Morrive and Wheton/Shaw. The amount of time it took them to travel from Shaw to Narashtovik is vastly longer than from Morrive to Ellan.

  • Dillon Wyatt says:

    Hey, Edward, I just wanted to thank you for the epic journey you bestowed upon us. I’ve already pre-ordered The Red Sea. I can’t wait! I’m sure it will be as epic (if not more so) than your last series. Keep up the awesome work, my friend. Oh, and thanks for the map. It really helps with the scope of the tale.

  • Charles Howell says:

    Enjoying Cycle of Arawn audiobook and really appreciate the map! Thank you for your hard work.


  • Ben Ranieri says:

    Hi Ed,
    Love your books. Almost done with the wound of the world. Quick question:
    Are we going to get updated maps? Or a map that has everything kind-of like above, but with the plagued islands and Tanar Atain, etc.? Just wondering as I’ve been looking for tanar and can’t find it.

    • Ed Robertson says:

      There’s a map of the Plagued Islands right here!

      I do need to get one for Tanar Atain, I was just so busy finishing book four in time for my deadline that I didn’t have time.

      • Brad says:

        Can’t wait for the next map! When do you think you’ll have it published?

        • Andy Ryder says:

          When can we expect the latest maps to be published? I have been living in this new world for over a month on Audible starting with Cycle of Galand. I finished book 4 and can’t wait until May for book 5! Purchased the Cycle of Arawn and In many ways I’m happy to have listened to the series in this order! Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment. I’m truly blown away with the speed and quality of your writing. Any chance a movie or mini-series in the near future?

          • Ed Robertson says:

            There’s always a chance of a screen adaption of some kind, but that is unfortunately out of my control. I’ve had nibbles from studios, but nothing’s in the works right now.

            Maps, however, are in my control, and I might add Tanar Atain to the world after I’ve shipped book #5 off. Thing is I need to completely reread #3 and 4 to nail down the geography (I keep the generals in my head, but would want to get it perfect for a map), and I hate to slow down a book in progress once I’ve got it going.

  • Andy Ryder says:

    I’m almost finished with the Cycle of Arawn. I have no idea what I’ll do when I’m done until #5 of Galand. Is there any way I can pre-order #5? What other series do you suggest until #5 is released? Thanks again for sharing this world with us!

    • Ed Robertson says:

      Stormlight Archive is probably my favorite current series, if you somehow haven’t read that yet. Audiobook readers really like Michael Sullivan’s Ryria series (same narrator).

      #5 isn’t out for preorder yet, still need to get the cover art ready, but I’m about halfway done and should have the book ready by June.

      • Andy Ryder says:

        Thank you so much for the recommendation! Hour and 1/2 left on the Cycle of Arawn and I’ll check out Ryria. Really appreciate your writing and opinion.

        -Mayor Andy Ryder
        City of Lacey, WA

        • Ken says:

          Read the RIYRIA CHRONICLES first. You can also try The Mistborn series, The Wheel of Time, The Farseer Trilogy, or the Red Rising.

  • Andy Ryder says:

    I just downloaded the first book of Stormlight Archive! 😊 I’ll be able to get this series and Michael Sullivan’s series in before June! Let me know when you have a drop date.

  • Brian says:

    Cycle of Galand Books 2-5 MAP update?!
    There are many cities, towns, riverways, etc. mentioned but I’ve no clue where they are!?

  • Anthony Barna says:

    I had this map along with the Plagued Islands printed on a premium matte at 24″ by 36″. They turned out amazing. Thanks Ed!

  • Joe says:

    I’m enjoying your work and the maps are greatly appreciated but I can’t seem to find any artwork for the characters. It would be great to see how you pictured the characters while writing especially the non-human ones. Keep on writing, looking forward to your future books. I am referring to the cycle of arawn and Galand specifically. Thanks

  • Robert says:

    Any chance on putting together a playable version of the Norren game?

  • Rob Falla says:

    A map for the realm of the gods

    Does a map exist for the realm of the nine kingdoms?

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