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THE SPEAR OF STARS is now live on audiobook. HOWEVER, a lot of people are reporting a technical problem with the chapters being out of order. If it starts on chapter 17, or in the middle of a big battle—or if chapter 2 throws you into chapter 17/big huge battle—your chapters are out of order.

Several people have told me they fixed it just by deleting the file and redownloading it. If you run into this problem, give that a try.

For clarity, the real chapter 1 opens with the following line: “The ship rose like a black phantom from the gray of the fog.

The real chapter 2 opens with: “Dante accepted the book with the same reverence he felt when conducting ceremonies at the Cathedral of Ivars.”

If either chapter starts instead with the Blighted running through the grass, the book is out of order. In which case, delete + redownload.

My publisher’s already working with Audible to get this resolved, but figured I’d better give you all a heads up, as this has confused more than a few people already—myself included!

Will update with anything new.

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