It’s hardly new, but in October my short fantasy story “The Werewolf of Narashtovik” ran in Reflection’s Edge. I forget whether I’ve mentioned RE before, but I like them, and not just because their editor seems to like me. They’re a broad-genre webzine that runs about six times a year. Good place for unpublished authors. And needless to say, their taste is impeccable.

I’ve got another short slated for M-Brane. Think it’ll be issue #5, in June. This is a young mag run by an interesting guy with a good head on his shoulders and the ambition to turn it into a pro magazine (if that happens, I should probably suggest retroactive pay bumps for all former contributors–that’s how these things are done, right?). I can see myself submitting there again.

The local paper has granted me a second column about weird, cult, and otherwise interesting-but-little-known movies. I honestly don’t know the URL for the web version yet. Will dig that out later. Had to cut my day job down the four days a week to keep up with all the work I’m doing for the Herald, which means I am 20% of the way towards my dream of not working at all.

Finished a story last night for a Jim Baen’s Universe contest. Will no doubt fail, but I mostly wanted a deadline for myself.

There’s the last six months. Could have been worse.

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