In my obsession with perfectly duplicating the Shangri-laesque environment of the far-off time of the early ’90s, I don’t have an internet connection at home. For emergencies, i.e. when I mail in my columns three times a week, I’m able to wander out into the backyard and steal my neighbor’s connection with my laptop, but other than that, it’s work-only.

Running a blog, then, is a pretty stupid idea, but then again I don’t plan to do very much with it. In fact I’m so dedicated to doing nothing here I’ve already gone back and deleted a couple dozen old posts. You think the remaining material is unnecessary and drossy, you should have seen what got cut.

So I’m restarting this here thing, if only so when I drunkenly boast to girls that I’m a writer and they politely ask if I’ve been published, I can write down this address for them and they can politely never visit it. It’s a win for both sides.

Expect updates when I actually have news to report.

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