Actually, this one’s a reprint, so maybe it should be Sale #10.1? Whatever the case, Cossmass Infinities has picked up 10% for publication. Should publish in October.

This marks many firsts for me: the first time I’ve been paid in pounds (instantly converted to USD by PayPal–the modern age is certainly convenient, but in some ways it’s less fun); the first time I’ve sold a reprint (this is a highly technical industry term for “story you’ve already sold elsewhere”); and the first time I’ll have a piece appear in audio or podcast form (at least, for public consumption).

Actually, I’m not completely certain this counts as a reprint, given that it’s in a different format from the original form of publication. In any event, this is an important part of being a professional: selling the same shit repeatedly to different people. I’ve wondered how much money there really is in short fiction, but this is something I didn’t take into account. I heard Ellen Datlow and others speak about this on a panel on reprints at RadCon, but Dead Wesley Smith explains it best in his post on the writer’s Magic Bakery.

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